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To Go Menu

Starters & Appetizers

Smoked Wings

10 Plain, Buffalo, or Sweet BBQ wings with your choice of Ranch or Bleu Cheese.

Mini B's & Chips

Three bite size burgers and homemade chips.

Onion Rings

Thick sweet beer battered onion slices with homemade dipping sauce.

Chili Cheese or BBQ Cheese Fries

Fries loaded with Mamaw's chili or BBQ and Nacho Cheese

Nachos Grande

Loaded with black beans, rice, lettuce, black olives, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, and jalapenos. Add chicken, steak, or chopped BBQ

Sweet & Sticky Fries

Seasoned sweet potato fries topped with sweet honey sauce and cinnamon.

Hannah's Fresh Salads

Dressings: BBQ Ranch, Lite Italian, 1000 Island, Balsamic Vinegar, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, and Ranch.

Chipotle Chicken Salad

Fresh greens topped with tomatoes, cheese, eggs, almonds, and pineapple salsa.


Salad greens, tomatoes, fresh egg, cheese, real bacon bits, almonds, pineapple, and croutons.

Side Salad

Mixed salad greens, tomatoes, blended cheese, and croutons.

Ginger Lime Steak Salad

Ginger Lime Steak on top of fresh salad greens with tomatoes, black olives, bleu cheese crumbles, and pineapple salsa.

Buffalo Salad

All white chicken breast fried crisp dipped in our kickin' chicken sauce on fresh salad greens, tomatoes, black olives, cheese, bacon bits, and almonds.

Stew & Stuff

Brunswick Stew

Homemade stew full of corn, tomatoes, potatoes, beef, and chicken served with fresh hot cornbread balls.

Chili Beans

Homemade beef and sausage chili, with beans and green chilies. Can be served with jalapeno hush puppies and sour cream.

Pinto 'n Pups

Fresh cooked pinto beans and cornbread balls.

Burritos & Quesadillas

Baja Bobby Burrito

Stuffed with fresh Hickory smoked BBQ, black beans, rice, ginger lime cabbage, cheese sauce, pineapple salsa, jalapenos & Bobby's secret Ranchero sauce.

BLT Quesadilla

Bacon, tomato, and for a kick green chilies melted with a blend of cheeses lightly grilled resting on a bed of fresh lettuce.

Cheese Quesadilla

Flour tortilla stuffed with a blend of cheeses grilled to a toasty brown. Kids Love 'em!

Fajita Burrito

Chipotle Chicken or Ginger Lime Steak, with fresh grilled onions & peppers. Add black beans, rice, black olives, chipotle Ranch sauce, cheese sauce and pineapple salsa. Served on a bed of lettuce.

Fajita Quesadilla

A blend of four cheeses, pepper & onions grilled to perfection set on a bed of lettuce. 


Served with two side choices and hush puppies.

Chopped BBQ Pork BBQ

Award-winning Hickory Smoked Chopped Pork


If you can't decide this is for you! A sampling of Chopped BBQ, Smoked Ribs and Smoked Chicken.

Full Rack of Hickory Smoked Ribs

Whoo, Hoo!! These babies are the bomb! Hand rubbed, slow cooked over Hickory Wood. Lip Smackin' good!

Hickory Smoked BBQ Chickeen

1/2 a chicken makes up this plate.

Beef Brisket

Tender slices of slow smoked brisket served in a smoky bbq sauce.

Half Rack of Hickory Smoked Ribs

Whoo,Hoo!! These babies are the bomb! Hand rubbed, slow cooked over Hickory Wood. Lip Smackin' good! 

Sliced Pork BBQ

Slow smoked in our kitchen marinated in our house vinegar sauce.

Strippin' Chicken

Five all-white fried chicken strips. Regular/Buffalo

Sandwich Baskets

All baskets are served with fresh hot fries. A la carte available.

Chopped BBQ

With slaw and pickle.

Double Cheeseburger

Just try to get your mouth around this 2/3 pounds of all beef burger!!

Sliced Pork

With slaw and pickle.

All Beef Hotdog

Mustard, Chili, slaw and onion.


1/3 pound hand-patted Angus all-beef burger. Cheese and Bacon optional


(Low Fat) Grilled chicken breast or chicken filet served with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Sliced Brisket

With slaw and pickle or lettuce, tomato and mayo.

LB's Buffalo Bird

Fried chicken breast smothered with buffalo sauce served with ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

Smaller Appetites

Your choice of side and hush puppies.

Chopped BBQ Tray

Beans & Franks

Smoked Wings

Six Wings

Side Salad & Baked Potato

Chicken Strips

Rib Basket

Kid's Menu

18 years and under, please. Served with fries and a beverage.

Piglet Snacker

Cheese Quesadilla

Cheese Nachos

Chicken Snacker

Grilled Cheese

Corn Dog


Chicken Tenders

Mini Burger

On the Side

White Slaw

French Fries

Baked Potato

Corn on the Cob

Potato Salad


Red Slaw

Sweet Potato

Green Beans

BBQ Beans


Mac & Cheese


Apple Empanada

Deep fried flour tortilla stuffed with apples, rolled in cinnamon sugar, topped wth ice cream, whipped topping, and cinnamon.


Fried flour tortilla smothered with butter, cinnamon, powdered sugar, honey and whipped topping.

Pecan Pie

Tastes like Barb's momma's

Banana Pudding (Seasonal)

Layers of creamy goodness, bananas, vanilla wafers, and whipped topping...good stuff!

Cherry Empanada

Aunt Helen's favorite! Fried tortilla full of cherries covered in powdered sugar and ice cream!

Hot Fudge Cake

Fresh-baked fudge cake topped with warm fudge, ice cream, whipped topping and a cherry on top.

Strawberry Shortcake

Fresh sponge cake & strawberries with lots of whipped topping.


Fresh-Brewed Iced Tea


Diet Pepsi

Mountain Dew



Cherry Pepsi

Dr. Pepper

Sierra Mist

Fresh-Brewed Coffee